Car care in general faces a lake of online providers in the MENA region, from Users’ struggle to find the required spare part to their car, and know the information about each part. And finding the cars maintance centers and reserve a date/time. specially for certain car brands.


A platform that gather parts providers, with maintance centers, and customize a user interface that let user track his car throu time, and get notified with mantaince appointments or time to change certain parts . Fennex is available on google play store.

Spare parts exploring
  • Explore car brands.
  • Smart search and filter for parts.
  • Part details screen.
  • Reserve spare part.
  • PromoCodes system.
  • Rating/reviews system.
Maintainance centers
  • Search for suitable centers.
  • Center details and services.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Get notified with booking statuses.
  • Track Bookings (upcoming and history).
Login and Profiling system
  • Facebook,and email signup options.
  • Track saved Car timeline.
  • Notifications system.