Malek ElSouq

Malek ElSouq


It was a revolutionary idea to combine the market of gold industry which based on the facial interaction and face to face business in a place which provide information for both gold retailers and customers in an untraditional way allows the gold retailers to communicate with each others and the customers to be up to date with gold, silver prices and dollar rates.


We have created a platform which provides a private communication between the gold traders together to inform each other of the latest prices, and news of gold market, also any nearby robbery accidents. It also inform the casual customers for the latest prices of gold,silver and dollar rates from the heart of national market, and bancks.
Malek ElSouq is available on App Store, and Google Play.

  • View gold, silver, dollar prices in realtime.
  • Real time tracking of prices changes.
  • Gold/Silver products’ gallery.
  • Favorite/unfavorite products.
  • Latest events in the gold community.
  • Referral code invitations.
  • News Feeds of latest news and articles.
  • Custom notification for prices changes.
  • Browse and filter nearby thefts.