NoteBook is a books publisher in Kwauit which struggle in marketing and delivering the books to their customers. Since people nowadays tend to use mobile phones all time, instead of holding a paper book.


The first platform for Kuwaitis readers that allows them to purchase exclusive and non-exclusive books in the digital, audio and physical book forma. With delivery option for physical books, user can place an order to get to their doorsteps.
NoteBook is available on app store and google play.

Exploring books flow
  • Smart search and filter for books.
  • Books available in 3 forms: digital, audio, physical.
  • Read books in Epub format.
  • Listen to books in mp3 format.
  • Book details screen.
  • Featured ads system.
  • Favorite/unfavorite books.
  • Work in offline mode
Ordering system
  • Cart operations
  • Order creation via simple steps
  • Online payment integration
  • Gifts system.
  • View purchased books.
Login and Profiling system
  • Email login and signup operations.
  • View books based on user interests
  • Address book.