- A lot of mothers want to get immediate medical consultations for their kids while it’s inappropriate time to go to clinics and they need a quick diagnosis for their kids syndromes.
- There is market gap between number of pediatricians and children in the whole MENA region ,for example in Egypt.
• Extremely high demand :30 million children
• Limited supply: Only 20K pediatricians.


A unique healthcare mobile application connecting mothers to pediatricians in real time for consultation through high definition voice calls or texting 24/7. It comes with two versions one for the mothers needed consultations and another for the doctors to get the requests and respond to it.
Tefly is available on App Store, and Google Play.

  • Patients’ and doctors’ apps.
  • Users login, signup, and profiling.
  • Facebook login.
  • Real Time requests from patient to doctor.
  • Mobile credit payment (TPay).
  • Rating/reviews system for doctors
  • History of requests of doctor’s notes.
  • PromoCodes system.
  • Push notifications on all app events.
  • Doctors management system.
  • Scheduled shifts for doctors
  • Payments packages history.